Corda Artisan, Elle

Honoring our lead artisan, Elizabeth, who I've been working with for 5 years. Originally from Manipur, "Elle" oversees all aspects of sourcing & production from our small studio in New Delhi. I had the chance to meet Elle when visiting a small artisan group working out of the back of a church in 2016.

Since then, we've collaborated via What'sApp to create Corda. Together we've surmounted many challenges, as the path has not always been clear and easy for us - from wrangling our sources & locations to navigating the past two difficult years. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her.

Dedicated, and growing more confident in her abilities every day, Elle's talent, craftsmanship & attention to detail contribute greatly to the quality of our work.

Corda Artisan, Elle in studio, New Delhi.
Corda artisan, Margret creating Gaia Macrame cuff in Corda Studio in New Delhi
This is Margret, known as "M." Originally from Manipur, amazing M joined our team in New Delhi in 2019. M was working as a sales clerk at a dress shop, and wanted a change. Intrigued by our work, she trained on her days off and eventually made the jump to full-time artisan.

I was immediately impressed by how quickly M learned our process & design techniques, understanding all of the little tweaks we make to achieve their shape. Three years later, M has grown so much, and her technique is flawless.

I am grateful M joined us when she did, and has stayed with us despite the ongoing challenges of the past two years. Stay tuned for some new designs we collaborated on - coming this spring & summer!

Corda Artisan, Margret


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