Be the Love 🖤 Wear a Mask • A Mask-Maker's Journey

For me, making masks is as much an act of love as wearing one. I'm truly grateful to be able to use my creativity to help during this pandemic. To date, I've made over 1000 masks. The process has been humbling and inspiring, a challenge, and at times grueling, but a silver lining nonetheless - if there can even be one right now.

When I first answered the call to become a mask-maker, through a donation request on NextDoor, I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that nurses, health care, and essential workers were desperately in need of PPE, and (like many other creatives) I thought to myself: okay, THIS is how I can help!

Corda Face masks. Lavender Dot, Green Dot, Stylish, Comfortable 2-ply Cloth masks

As a former craft editor and prop stylist of 15+ years, I had an overwhelming collection of fabric that had piled up over the years. My sewing skills were intermediate, and the masks seemed simple enough. In a spontaneous flash, I began my mission. It was a no brainer.

At least that's what I thought! Over the next few weeks, I made small batches that were distributed to various organizations via the generous efforts of kind souls. I also donated fabric to other sewers in the neighborhood, each on their own journeys, busily sewing away in their own homes.

UCSF Nurse wearing CORDA face mask

I did a little post about the effort on Facebook, and before long I began receiving requests from friends and family who wanted some for themselves. One friend suggested reimbursing me through Venmo, so I decided it would be easier to create a product listing for it here on my website.

Ironically, the product launched the exact same day the US Surgeon General announced the guidance for all of us to wear face masks, and that same day I had 80 orders!

CORDA Kids Face masks - pleated 2-ply Cotton cloth. Made with love for your loved ones.

My process from there was intense. The requests kept coming in, Forbes listed my masks in an article which resulted in more press-links and ultimately nation-wide orders. My 20-year-old sewing machine broke down, threads kept on snapping, and I had a steep learning curve to bring these handmade masks from donation-worthy to product-awesome.

I was determined to make this work. People needed their masks, and I couldn't let them down! The pressure was on. I re-tooled - got a new industrial sewing machine, and an electric cutter. I scoured the internet for additional materials. It was as though we were suddenly cut off from all supply and quick delivery - the fight for fabric and thread became very real! I sewed literally morning, noon, and night to get them out to customers as fast as I could, and it was very challenging to keep up.

BUY Corda Cloth Face Masks. Handmade with Love. Polka dots and Solids.

Fast forward three months later to June and I was finally all caught up, and back to a more manageable pace. Now it's July, and sadly we are not out of the woods with this pandemic... I continue to make masks as more orders and re-orders come in.

What I've enjoyed most about this unexpected journey, is connecting with so many lovely customers writing in to let me know how pleased they are with their masks. One customer in her late 70's thanked me for helping give her a "feminine boost!" Another wrote to let me know he wore his on a flight to NYC and it "helped him feel safe."

Definitely a silver lining, and right now, I'll take it.


Please be the love, be safe, and wear a mask đź–¤

There's still time to order for you and your family...

BUY CORDA Handmade Cloth Face Masks


BUY Corda 2-Ply Cotton Cloth Face Masks. Handmade with Love. Polka dots and Solids.

Some donation recipients have included:
UCSF General Hospital, CPMC, Marin Community Clinics, Driver's Market, Mill Valley Market, The Redwoods Assisted Living, and Assistance in Home Care. 


Covid heroes: Health care workers wearing Corda cloth face masks


Very pleased with my mask. It fits well, does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it has a bit of style, to boot. Very appropriate for workplace wear. I found about Corda face-masks when Channel 12 News here in Milwaukee featured this company as a legit mask-maker.

Thomas Rondy July 11, 2020

Great mask, nice, comfortable and secure feel and the patterns classy.

Tony July 05, 2020

This is a beautiful story about the power of love in action! Please keep up the good work – your masks are not only beautiful, but extremely comfortable & bring joy not only to those who wear them, but to those who get to enjoy looking at those gorgeous designs keeping us all safe!

Jean Ann Burnes July 04, 2020

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