Making Face Masks for your family & how to donate to hospitals during Covid-19 Pandemic

PLEASE NOTE: The information here is for making non-medical masks aimed at helping to stop the spread of the virus. We make no claims that these masks will protect you from the Covid-19 virus. Please follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC regarding the use of masks during this pandemic.

If you would like to order masks that we are making please go here, and understand that due to demand, shipping times are at 2-3 weeks. 

Corda's home-studio is completely turned over to face-mask production and here are some of my first batch that went out to Marin county clinics today care of a generous neighbor doing pick-ups and drop-offs from local sewers. 

It seems crazy that our health care workers are needing to resort to wearing these, and let me clarify that they are not intended to replace the N95 masks, but rather to be worn OVER them in an effort to prolong the use of the few N95 masks they have. The idea is that unlike the N95's, they are washable and reusable

If you want to get involved in helping with this effort here are some resources and tips:

      • Check with your local hospital to see if they have a specific pattern they would prefer for you to use.
        • Check your Next Door App to see if anyone is doing pick-ups and runs to the local clinics or hospitals. If you aren't able to sew, this is a great way to help out!
        • UPDATE: Here is a very useful link to a service that is matching mask makers with organizations that need them.
          • Here is the MadeEveryday youtube video tutorial that inspired mine. I like that it uses t-shirt ties since elastics won't withstand washing and nurses report the ties are more comfortable. Here is another that has a good pattern you can print out: downloadable pattern tutorial
            • Be sure to Pre-wash your fabric prior to sewing, otherwise, they will shrink when the hospitals wash them. (To do this, zig zag stitch your raw fabric ends together and then wash in the hottest water and dry on delicate). Then cut the zig-zag seam and your fabric is ready to go.
              • UPDATE: No need to add any type of wire or aluminum strip for the nose area, this adds complication when it's washed and is unnecessary.
                • Do wash dry, and press your masks again once finished, and wearing gloves, put them in a clean ziplock to be sent. Tie ends together in a slip knot and wash and dry them in a zipper bags to avoid tangling. Hospitals will most likely wash them again, but better to be safe!

                For more tips and discussion join our FB Group: STAY HOME AND MAKE A MASK

                Let's do what we can to help protect our health care workers!

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                Making face masks to go over N95 masks


                Corda How to Make a Mask

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